Management is a subject which is required in each and every field today. Without management you cannot carry out any function, event, or even routine work. Without managing things, we cannot perform a single function. Thus, becoming a manager is a prestigious job. From small scale industries to big multinational companies, management is the prime requirement to run things. Taking in account these things, management courses are taken up by students who aspire to become great entrepreneurs. A number of students acquire their MBA degrees from colleges, but only few succeed to get a job due to tough competition.

A number of students today are left unemployed even after having completed their post graduation in business administration i.e. MBA. These let to the need of some board which could help students get recruited. It was MBA job board. This board conducts placement workshops and invites companies to take interview and recruit students. Though management students are in great demand, it is difficult nowadays to find a job for MBA graduate. As the scenario is changing, we can find fake colleges and institutes coming up which offer management specialization courses. Thus this MBA job board also keeps an eye on such colleges and helps students be away from it.

The level of competition in MBA graduate jobs has increased to a high extent and is still increasing. You need to be perfect in your field and work sincerely in your area. To survive in the market, we have to keep ourselves updated and being a management personnel need to have an elastic smile and a sweet quoted tongue.


As the great saying says, “Survival of the fittest”, in today’s most competitive world, we need to make ourselves capable enough to survive. The toughest thing in this generation is to find a job and earn money. And without earning money you cannot survive. The traditional system barter in no longer used where you can exchange things and lead your life and for this reason, we have to master something first and then work in that field. One of the prestigious fields considered today is management. An MBA graduate is very much in demand everywhere. But due to increase in supply, the salary which he should deserve is not paid to him. MBA salaries are a topic of debate for everyone. Starting from high packages of lakhs to low packages of some thousands of rupees, a management person has to work with whatever he is given.

An MBA salary survey was carried out and the results were surprising. A MBA student who works for 12 hours was not paid enough. Being a post graduate anyone would expect a white collar job, but as the saying goes, they work or we can say toil hard to get the minimum of the MBA salary.

It is a very sorry state to see people who are MBA graduates working as a clerk or doing some small scale works. But this situation is not seen everywhere. Students coming out from the best universities across the country are immediately taken up by the companies, banks and MNC’s and offer a very good package of salary per year.

Mostly the MBA salary survey is conducted every year to gather some specific information. There a numerous reasons for conducting the salary surveys. To stay fit in the competitive world these surveys play a very important role. The salary survey can give the amount of the salaries given to the employers in the market. Salary being the most discussed topics among friends and colleagues, it is sad to mention that there is no way to know the standard structure of the salary. There are many firms which conduct the salary survey to know the exact structure of the salary in their field.

The first thing you need to make a job description on which you are conducting. If you are conducting survey for MBA salaries then you should make it clear in the survey.

Then you should make a questionnaire of all the items which you want to know about in the survey. These questionnaires need to be distributed among all the agencies that are aware of the salaries of the MBA employers.

Add all the details of the organizations, agencies and industries that are participating in the interview. Adding many of them can create good and variety of results.

Edit the questionnaire before making it public so that the survey can be conducted without any problem. Also you can conduct an initial interview with the HR staffs to get the basic details. Take the feedback of all the participants who have taken part in the survey. Then calculate the average MBA salary from the data which is received. 

Tips to select the right branch:

First of all you need to know about the all the engineering branches

Each branch has same and good value

Go for interest, not scope

Choose the best engineering college

Think about future i.e options for Post graduation

Choose CSE or IT if you have:

1.  interested in computers?
2. You should have interest in making software, programming and computer apps
3. You should have interest in computer networking means knowledge of internet concept.
4. You should have interest in programming language like C, C++, java etc.
5. You should have good analytical and good aptitude.
6. Updated with new technology

Every engineering branch has same and good value. But it is depends upon personal interest in which branch you want to make your career. If you have interest in Computer then choose CS or IT and if you have in Core field then choose ME, Civil or EE. For the current market scenario ME and Civil is the best.

Automobile Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Civil Engineering

Computer Science Engineering

Information Technology

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Electronics & Communication Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Bio Medical Engineering

Aeronautical Engineering

Electronics & Telecomm Engineering

Electronics Engineering

Marine Engineering

Oil Technology

Food Technology

Textile Technology

Leather Technology

Paint Technology

Plastic Technology

Common Engineering Entrance Examination in India

1. All India Engineering Entrance Examination(AIEEE)
2. Graduate Aptitude Examination(IIT-JEE)
3. National Aptitude Test in Engineering(NATA)

State wise engineering examination
a. Tamin Nadu Common Entrance Exam( TANCET)
b. Uttar Pradesh Technical University(UPTU)
c. Uttarakhand Technical University(UKTech)
d. Rajasthan Technical University (RTU) Kota
e. MDU Rohtak(HR)
f. Delhi Technical University (DTU)


IIT exams

IIT colleges are the one of the most prestigious colleges in the world and the engineers from IIT are more in demand than any other colleges. But as the number of seats is less than the number of candidates who want to get seat in these colleges, there is entrance exam which should be cleared by any candidate. IIT entrance exam is the toughest among most of the engineering entrance exams and student with true knowledge only can clear this exam. Preparing for IIT entrance exam is like war as thousands of students will be fighting for the seats. IIT entrance exams are based on fundamentals and their applications, so if you want to pass the exam then you should be strong in this field.